Toshiba's 2021 UK TV lineup includes Dolby Vision support and sound by Onkyo

Toshiba UK31 home menu
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Toshiba’s new 2021 TV lineup builds on its recent focus on serving up affordable TVs to the masses.

From 4K sets with premium features like Dolby Atmos sound, eARC, and Alexa integration, to cheaper, smaller HD Ready models, there are quite a few wallet-friendly options to cover.

The flagship range of Toshiba’s 2021 lineup is the UK31 (pictured above), which has a central stand for easy positioning. Supporting the company’s TRU Picture Engine tech, it features TRU Micro dimming which automatically adjusts contrast levels for deeper blacks and better detail in challenging scenes. There’s also a TRU Resolution feature for upscaling lower-res content to 4K, along with TRU Flow motion tech for reducing judder for a smoother image.

Other standout features include built-in Alexa smarts, eARC, HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision, with Dolby Atmos support also included. The UK31 range is available in 65, 58, 50 and 43-inch screen sizes, with prices starting at £379.

If you fancy something a little cheaper, there’s also the UL21 line which ditches the TRU Flow tech, but keeps the rest of the UK31’s features including Alexa and Google Assistant support. Prices start at £349 with models going up to 65-inches.

Toshiba UA2B

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The UA2B range will arrive packing Android TV 9 (with a promised upgrade to Android 10 in the near future), which means access to the Google Play Store (and Disney+), Stadia for game streaming, and Chromecast skills. There’s no built-in Alexa, but the remote does enable voice commands.

Picture-wise there’s Dolby Vision support, HDR10 and HLG, while an Onkyo sound system (there's no support for Dolby Atmos) takes care of the audio. Available in 65, 58, 50 and 43-inch models, starting at £399.

Toshiba WK3C

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Bringing up the rear is Toshiba's UA2B range the cheapest for 2021. Starting at just £169, this HD Ready range is available in smaller 24 and 34-inch sizes only. If you’re after a cheap second set for a playroom or garage though, the price tag is certainly appealing, especially with built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support to boot. We'll hopefully be able to bring you a closer look at a few of these sets in the near future.


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