This Sky Stream free trial includes Netflix – but there's a catch

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The Netflix free trial is back! Kind of. It's included in this Sky Stream free trial that gifts you Sky Ultimate TV for a month – that comprises Sky's Entertainment package plus Netflix Standard with adverts.

The catch? The price of Sky Stream will increase from April, with this package costing £31 a month (£2 more than previously).  

Sky will send you a Sky Stream puck on next day delivery, so you can start streaming Sky over your home wi-fi straight away.

Sky Stream 1-month free trial

Sky Stream 1-month free including Netflix £0 at Sky

<a href="" data-link-merchant="SkimLinks -"">Sky Stream 1-month free including Netflix £0 at Sky
The trial gives you 150 channels, over 30,000 shows available to stream, and hundreds of apps (though you'll need separate subscriptions to watch the likes of Prime Video and Disney+). You also get free Netflix for the duration. No contract, cancel any time.

Sky Stream gives you Sky without the satellite dish. Because it includes a streaming puck – essentially a streamer like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Apple TV 4K – that you plug into your TV, it's much more appealing than Sky Glass, which involves buying a whole new TV (which has Sky built in).

No satellite dish means no cumbersome installation. It also brings Sky to properties that previously couldn't have it, like certain blocks of flats. As long as you have fast enough broadband, you're good to go (Sky recommends at least 25Mbps).

Stream's refreshed UI looks more modern than Sky Q's, and is easier to use. The puck is 4K- and HDR-ready, though you have to pay extra to access both types of content. There's no hard drive, so you can't record shows to watch back at a later date – instead you add them to your Playlist. It's essentially the same feature, though some people will prefer having them stored on their own hard drive. But given that Sky can still delete recordings you've marked as Keep on Sky Q, there's not as much difference between the two features as you might think. 

Live sport does play back with a slight delay compared to Sky Q though, which can mar your enjoyment of a match somewhat – those cheers from next door tend to give away what's about to happen.

Still, if you're intrigued about Sky Stream, give this free trial a go. With no obligation to carry on, you've got nothing to lose.

Just remember: this package will auto-renew at £31 a month after the free trial ends, but it's only £28 a month if you sign up to an 18-month contract.


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