This 4K gaming projector is Xbox approved, but it doesn't take advantage of the Series X's biggest feature

ViewSonic X2-4K designed for Xbox projector
(Image credit: ViewSonic)

ViewSonic has debuted the world's first projector that's made for Xbox, and it even has Microsoft's seal of approval. The X2-4K Certified Gaming Projector is a US-exclusive beamer that's designed to be partnered with the Xbox Series X and Series S, but it seems to be missing a key feature. 

Carrying the "Designed by Xbox" stamp that's reserved for third-party partner accessories like remote controllers or headsets, the X2-4K is, as the name suggests a 4K projector with a gaming slant. ViewSonic says that it worked directly with the Xbox team at Microsoft, putting the projector through over 60 different test scenarios to ensure peak performance and compatibility.

So with that in mind, you're probably expecting a no-compromise projector that is the ultimate companion to the powerful Xbox Series X; but that's not really the case. The X2-4K is only equipped with HDMI 2.0 connectors, meaning it can either output at 1440p (Quad HD) at 120Hz, or 4K 60Hz. This means that the Xbox's biggest gaming feature, 4K 120Hz to be exact, is not accessible on this projector. Maybe the "Designed for Xbox" stamp only applies to the black and green styling of the unit instead.

ViewSonic X2-4K designed for Xbox projector

(Image credit: ViewSonic)

According to ViewSonic, the projector instead intelligently adapts picture settings to best suit the gaming content it's displaying as well as "Xbox-exclusive resolution and refresh rate combinations", hence the Xbox approval. It also has a claimed 4.2ms Ultra-Fast input, as well as the option to simulate 240Hz refresh rate within the advanced settings, although this means the resolution maxes out at 1080p.

The rest of the projector looks to be fairly standard, with an LED light source capable of producing 2900 lumens and a claimed lifespan of 30,000 hours. The X2-4K is also HDR and HLG compatible and ViewSonic says the built-in Harman Kardon speakers supposedly offer theatre-level sound. It can project an image up to 120 inches, which means your Xbox games should feel especially cinematic, and set-up should be easy too, with comprehensive keystone and four corner adjustment features, as well as an auto keystone feature.

However, at $1600 (around £1250 / AU$2340), the ViewSonic X2-4K is on the pricier side, especially considering competition from the likes of BenQ and Epson which undercut that price. We can't see the X2-4K entering our best projectors list any time soon, but we are looking forward to seeing more console-approved projectors in the future.



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