+Audio hopes sourcing components from the likes of Pro-Ject and Ortofon will give its all-in-one turntable immediate respectability...

Things the world isn't short of: 1) new turntables; 2) new Kickstarter projects; 3) new Kickstarter turntable projects. But +Audio (pronounced 'plus audio') is confident its The+Record Player (pronounced, well... take a guess) can stand out from the crowd.

The+Record Player is an attempt to make a true plug-and-play turntable with extended functionality. To that end, +Audio has sited a turntable on top of a box incorporating amplification, speakers, and input and output socketry.

The box itself features real wood veneer (maple, pictured above, or walnut) and aluminium accents to suggest a little home décor pizzaz. On top sits a modified Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable, with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge on a 22cm carbon-fibre tonearm.

Inside the 21.5 x 45 x 35 box (height/width/depth, cm) there are two 9cm mid/bass drivers and a pair of 25mm tweeters driven by 2 x 50 watts of class D amplification.

Up front are controls for input selection, power on/off, Bluetooth 4.0 pairing, speed selection (33.3/45rpm), volume control, a 3.5mm analogue input and 3.5mm headphone output. There's also a control for something called 'wide mode', which is intend to create some meaningful width to a sound delivered by two channels sitting more-or-less on top of each other.

Around the back are a stereo RCA line-level input and output, a digital optical input, a control to defeat the integrated speakers (in case you're using The+Record Player purely as a turntable), a USB input/ouput and socket for mains power.

The package is rounded off with an IR remote control and year's warranty.

The perils of positioning a record player directly above some loudspeakers are well-documented. +Audio is at pains to point out the lengths it has gone to in order to negate these inherent problems, making much of the unique bracing and isolation/anti-vibration technology it's brought to bear. 

The proof is all in the listening, of course - and with its Kickstarter goal well within reach and 34 days to go before fundraising closes, it seems likely The+Record Player will be on sale sooner rather than later. And then we'll find out exactly how it performs.

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That setup has surely got to transmit some vibration to the tonearm whatever they may have done to mitigate against it. Surely the magnets within the drivers will also affect cartridge. Can't see it's going to work I am afraid.