The Xbox Series X finally has a 4K dashboard

The Xbox Series X finally has a 4K dashboard
(Image credit: Xbox)

Microsoft has rolled out a new system update for the Xbox Series X that brings a 4K dashboard, Xbox Night mode and Quick Settings menu.

The company began testing a native 4K dashboard for the Xbox Series X a couple of months ago, but the upgrade was restricted to Xbox Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings.

Now, the update is officially live. Series X (but not Series S) owners with a 4K TV can now enjoy a native 4K dash (it was previously upscaled from 1080p). 

"You can experience 4K while browsing the Home, My Games & Apps, Guide, and many other experiences," says Microsoft. "UI elements on the screen, such as game art and buttons, will have increased sharpness and improved text readability.

One of our main gripes with the Xbox Series X was that the menu experience was too similar to the Xbox One. While this doesn't fix that entirely, it should differentiate the new console (see 4K vs SD comparison below).

Xbox October 2021 system update

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Other improvements include a new night mode that lets you dim the brightness of the screen, controller LED and even the power button. Microsoft says the feature is aimed at movie fans who want to "enjoy theater-like total darkness" when watching films.

To protect your peepers when gaming late at night, there's a customisable blue light filter for your display (Xbox Series X and S consoles only). Head to Settings and select Accessibility, followed by Night mode or Settings, then TV & display options. You should then see the new Night mode.

Last but not least, the new firmware brings a customisable Quick Settings menu. It lets you toggle features on and off without digging through endless menus. Handy if you share your console with others who use a different set-up.

Elsewhere, Xbox Cloud Gaming is rolling out to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One this Christmas.


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