Teufel tips
Line-up includes modular speaker cable, analogue and digital interconnects and subwoofer adapters

New from German-based direct-sell audio company Teufel is a complete range of 'Reference' cables, including a high-quality speaker cable complete with interchangeable connectors.

The range also includes both analogue and digital interconnects, and a couple of Y-adapters for use with subwoofers.

The Reference speaker cable, which starts at €149 (about £132) for a 2.5m length, comes with a screw-tip onto which can be mounted the spade, 4mm banana and pin connectors supplied. All the connectors are 24K gold plated.

The cable itself uses two 4 sq mm oxygen-free copper conductors, surrounded by multilayer sheathing to exclude vibration, and wrapped in a woven outer sheath.

The Reference interconnect is available as a stereo pair, at prices starting from €129 (£115) for a 1.5m length, or in mono form for subwoofer use. The sub cables range from €79 (£70) for a 2.5m length up too €149 for 10m.

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Oxygen-free copper conductors are shielded with a copper braid to reject interference, isolated with a PFE dielectric and covered with an external woven nylon sheath for flexibility.

Two 20cm Y-adapters are available, enabling signals to be split or combined for a subwoofer: one has a single phono plug to two phono sockets, the other one socket to two plugs. They each sell for €59, or around £52.

Finally, there are electrical and optical digital cables: both are 3m long, and share much of the construction of the interconnects in terms of protection against vibration and interference.

They cost €69 (£61) each, and like the rest of the Reference range are available direct from the Teufel website.

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