Teufel Audio buys Raumfeld multiroom music business

Raumfeld 3Raumfeld

As of today, Teufel will begin selling streaming audio products by Raumfeld GmbH via its online shop, and systems combining the two companies' products are promised.

Thorsten Reuber, Executive Director of Teufel, says: "Digital audio formats are becoming increasingly popular amongst customers, creating entirely new listening habits, which Raumfeld has engaged impressively.

It is our intention to work with Raumfeld's technological know-how to set new standards by combining the advantages of digital audio formats and network technologies with the reputed quality of Teufel's sound systems."

Raumfeld will continue to exist as a brand, and will permanently be offered in Teufel's online shop.

Stephan Schulz of Raumfeld says: "For Raumfeld, as a technological leader in audio streaming system solutions, a partnership with Teufel is ideal.

Our customers will benefit not just from Teufel's excellent audio quality, but also from Teufel's extensive customer service, for example."

For more information visit the Teufel website.

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