Slim desktop internet/DAB radio with iPod dock uses NXT speakers

This new slim desktop system from TEAC packs in a DAB/FM radio, wi-fi for connecting to internet radio stations and NXT speakers, all for just £199.

The TEAC R-4iDNT plays music stored on an iPhone and will alert you to incoming calls or texts. You can choose to listen to the radio on the DAB/FM tuner, or via the internet with wi-fi access to stations such as Last.fm.

What's more, as the user plays back his or her playlists on their iPhone/iPod, the music ID will be sent to the Last.fm server, which analyses your musical tast and delivers similar types of music the next time you listen to the station.

TEAC has managed to keep the unit slim by using NXT's new BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) flat speaker technology. Power is a claimed 2 x 10W.

Additional features include a digital clock, alarm, sleep timer, remote control, Ethernet port, headphone socket and mini stereo audio input.

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