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Tannoy has announced the latest additions to its Revolution speaker range with the five-strong XT series – all of which come fitted with the latest version of the company's Dual Concentric driver.

The new range comprises the XT 6F and XT 8F floorstanders; XT 6 bookshelf speaker; XT Mini stand-mounter; and the XT C centre channel. Medium Oak and Dark Walnut finishes are available.

"Radical acoustic engineering and new patent-pending Tannoy technologies" feature in this new speaker range, including the new Omnimagnet-powered magnets for enhanced sound quality.

Tannoy also says a "pioneering" Twin-cavity coupled reflex system and down-firing external port delivers the "most tuneful and musically coherent bass" from the Revolution speaker series yet.

It follows three years of R&D, with this system reducing cabinet distortion in an effort to deliver tighter, more controlled bass notes.

Meanwhile, the crossover's simple and straight design approach aims to provide an "ultra-clean" signal path to retain as much of the musical detail from your source as possible.

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You'll be able to see the new Reference XT series of speakers for yourself at Sound and Vision – The Bristol Show, which takes place next month at the Marriott City Centre Hotel in Bristol.

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ellisdj's picture

sorry to be negative but I

sorry to be negative but I have to say - based on the photos alone might be better in real life but 3 years of R&D and they eneded up with those speaker finishes?

I think they are awful - they dont look right or just me?

magicrabbit's picture

Not looking good

I usually find the Tannoy speakers gorgeous. But this time, based on the 3 photos, they really look bad.

I am really disappointed by the finish quality of these speakers: It looks like cheap imitation wood. And the silver circles (and silver screws !) around the woofers are so very old-fashioned.


Jota180's picture


They may look better in the flesh, eh....wood.

ellisdj's picture

The overal design I think is

The overal design I think is great - but those finishes are rough ruff ruff Smile