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There are two versions of the Edwards Audio Apprentice Mk2 turntable - the TT (£380) and the TT Lite (£300).

Both have been redesigned from the ground up, according to Kevin Edwards of Talk Electronics, with a new plinth manufactured and designed in the UK.

The plinth is made from water-resistant 18mm solid medite, combined with a custom made brass bearing housing and drive belt. The 12mm thick acrylic platter has also been improved.

You can buy the Apprentice Mk2 turntable in one of two versions: the Apprentice TT Lite with EA101 tonearm and C50 cartridge, or the more expensive Apprentice TT package with with EA202 toenarm and the same C50 cartridge.

Both models are available in satin black, white or red finishes and are supplied with dust covers as standard.