Star Wars: The Force Awakens scenes "better in 3D”, says JJ Abrams

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available to see in 2D and 3D during its initial run (a first for a Star Wars film) and director JJ Abrams has said that he feels some shots look better on the 3D version.

Speaking ahead of The Force Awakens launch, Abrams said: “When I was watching the reels in 3D, there were a number of shots - and I know this sounds insane - that I hadn’t understood in the three-dimensional space quite the way I did when I saw them in 3D. I actually felt that there were things that were playing better in 3D. I had never felt that before."

The comments have particular weight behind them, with the director himself admitting he “hasn’t been the most vocal advocate of 3D” in the past. Abrams said he was forced into delivering a 3D version of Star Trek Into Darkness, for example. "3D was something that, frankly, I was not a big fan of to begin with," he said back in 2012. "Essentially in order for us to make [Star Trek Into Darkness], the studio said 'You gotta do this in 3D'. So we said, well, we can do a 2D version that we love that can also be converted to 3D."

It sounds like Abrams is more enthusiastic about The Force Awakens in 3D, though it too was shot with 2D cameras and converted to 3D.

You can of course decide for yourself, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens now being shown in 2D and 3D across the UK.

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