THX Spatial Audio and 24-bit quality combine for unique music streaming experience

THX Spatial Audio
(Image credit: THX)

Qobuz subscribers can now listen to 24-bit tracks mixed in new spatial audio technology through any pair of headphones, thanks to a new collaboration between the hi-res music service, THX and music artists Circuit Des Yeux, Anat Cohen and Dinosaur Jr. 

Whatever you might think of the 'immersive' technology, ‘spatial audio’ has been a bit of a buzzword in the music streaming game recently thanks to Apple Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos Music technologies being shouted from the company’s (and their partners') respective rooftops, and now THX Spatial Audio technology is being used to create a unique music listening experience that combines the “live” spatial effect with superior hi-res audio quality.

In the words of THX, “Spatial Audio uses advanced signal processing to place sounds 'out of the head' and transform conventional audio with realistic acoustics ensuring a unique listening experience, whether simulating a recording studio or an authentic virtual environment.”

Playable through any pair of headphones, the special mixes available on Qobuz seem to be arriving in a trickle rather than a wave, with Double Dare by Circuit des Yeux (originally performed by Bauhaus), Calling Vic Juris by Anat Cohen, and Whenever You’re Ready (originally performed by The Zombies) by Dinosaur Jr. initially available. THX has previously launched albums, EPs and singles rendered in its Spatial Audio technology with various artists on other platforms.

Of the new mix, Grammy-nominated clarinetist-saxophonist Anat Cohen said: “I recorded Calling Vic Juris with Gilad Hekselman, a song that he wrote in honour of the great jazz guitarist Vic Juris who passed away in 2019. Vic was a wonderful musician and person who inspired many listeners, students and colleagues including myself and Gilad. We recorded the song as an acoustic duo and then added layers of clarinet and guitar. The THX Spatial Audio format amplifies the building momentum heard as the track progresses, especially [around] 3.5 minutes in when the clarinet tracks soar with and above the multiple layers of guitars. With this audio format I could express the influences of both the acoustic and electric worlds we breathe. I was grateful to work on this project alongside THX and Qobuz, two companies committed to providing a high quality music listening experience, allowing us to bring our intimate studio experience directly to the ears of listeners. I would like to thank Oded Lev-Ari for his expert ears and wisdom. And of course Gilad Hekselman, a musician I love collaborating with on any occasion.”

Intrigued but not a Qobuz subscriber? You can always take advantage of a free Qobuz 30-day trial if you haven't done so previously.


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  • flouncer
    Sounds very nice. Currently missing Qobuz. But, whats the update on Connect?
    Can I connect to my Kef or Bluesound yet?
  • 12th Monkey
    flouncer said:
    Sounds very nice. Currently missing Qobuz. But, whats the update on Connect?
    Can I connect to my Kef or Bluesound yet?
    This forum isn't very active. Questions are best asked in the appropriate sub-forum.