Sound+Image Special Awards Issue 2024 out now!

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Sound+Image Special Awards Issue

All the winners revealed with full-page write-ups on their abilities and the reasons they won over our judges:

Introduction, index & lifetime achievement 

 Turntables: four winners

 Phono cartridge of the year 

 Vinyl accessory of the year

 Phono stages: two winners

 CD player of the year

 Wireless speakers of the year

 Wireless headphones: two winners

 Headphone amplifier of the year 

 Televisions: two winners 

 Home cinema projectors: three winners

 UST projector systems: two winners

 AV receivers: three winners

 Soundbars: two winners

 Hi-fi amplifiers: six winners

 Standmount speakers: three winners

 Floorstanding speakers: two winners

 Active speakers of the year

Gold Award for Cinema Design

S+I contents

(Image credit: Future)


The Editor celebrates vinyl, even the sort with urine in the grooves

music & movies
Cum On Feel The Noize!
Fun-tastic hit after mis-spelled hit from the most popular band in Britain – but then the fading of glam-rock, and a car crash. We present the story of Slade, in their own words...

classic movie scene
Misery: the hobbling scene
Nobody worried about their ankles much until Kathy Bates swung her sledgehammer in 1990’s Misery. But it was never meant to be that way…

music reviews
New music & old music buffed up

New tunes from Green Day, Robby Kreiger, Liam & John, Jesus & Mary, plus newly-repackaged Floyd, UFO, Jim Capaldi, and Carter USM.

classic track
Baba O’Riley

The opener to the Who’s fifth album in 1971 is a classic, but it had a history… 

buying guide
Our complete list of recommendations, freshly updated with
this year’s Award winners alongside previous winners still available.  

It’s all in Sound+Image #356 for April-May 2024 – our Special Awards Issue. The magazine is available in newsagents now with its seixy spot-gloss cover, and digitally through multiple platforms, including Readly, where you can peruse Sound+Image and thousands more Aussie and international magazines with a 1-month free trial, then AU$9.99p/m.

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