Sony's affordable, five-star Dolby Atmos soundbar is even cheaper thanks to this deal

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We like Dolby Atmos soundbars and, providing they are good, we also like cheap soundbars too. The Sony HT-S2000 just so happens to be a cheap Dolby Atmos soundbar that sounds seriously impressive, hence, we awarded it five stars in our review earlier this year.

So what could possibly make this soundbar any more enticing? Well, this deal might answer that question, as you can currently save £50 off the price. That might not sound like a monster saving, but considering that this deal takes the price below £300, we think it's a noteworthy offer.

We originally reviewed the HT-S2000 at £349, however, you can find it at Currys for just £299 right now. This deal can also be found at Amazon, John Lewis and Argos, as well as Sony's official online store.

Sony HT-S2000 £349£299 at Currys (save £50)

Sony HT-S2000 £349 £299 at Currys (save £50)
Sony's affordable Dolby Atmos soundbar delivers the goods with a crisp, clear sound and impressive dynamics. Sony has stripped out the streaming functionality on this soundbar to hit the low price, but Bluetooth is still onboard and we find this plug-and-play soundbar to be rather refreshing.

Also available at Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and Sony Store Online

The HT-S2000 is a no-frills attached soundbar from Sony, which sacrifices features for an impressive sound and easy functionality at a temptingly low price. We don't mind that it forgoes wi-fi streaming or a calibration system, as the performance speaks for itself. 

Sony has clearly opted to keep things simple with this bar, which is evident from just taking one look at the design. The styling of the HT-S2000 is plain but functional, and the included remote is also about as simple as it comes while including all of the buttons you ideally need. Bluetooth is also your only choice if you want to stream music wirelessly to this bar, as there is no wi-fi functionality. At this price, though, that's not the end of the world.

Instead, Sony has diverted the resources from those missing features into the driver arrangement within this bar, to ensure it sounds good above all else. This is a 3.1-channel bar that outputs 250W of total power, with three X Balance speaker units and a dedicated built-in subwoofer. There are no upward-firing drivers, which is to be expected at this price, however, Sony still manages to deliver the Dolby Atmos height channels through its Vertical Sound Engine processing tech.

As for the sound performance, we are big fans of the HT-S2000's clarity and detail, as everything from direct dialogue to subtle sound effects is delivered with impressive definition. Even in scenes with dialogue competing with imposing effects and dramatic soundtracks, this bar remains composed and conveys each aspect clearly. Furthermore, it impresses where dynamics are concerned. In action-heavy scenes, we think the S2000 displays an excellent dynamic range that delivers explosive action with the necessary oomph and impact.

As this is an Atmos soundbar, it's also important that it nails spatial sound. Thankfully, the S2000 steps up to the task during testing, with a good sense of directionality to the sound, despite the fact it's working with fewer physical drivers than many of its rivals.

While the Sony HT-S2000 won't rival the likes of the Sonos Beam Gen 2 or other more premium bars, we appreciate that Sony knows its limits and delivers a soundbar that does what it needs to do – improve the sound of your TV. It was easy to recommend at £349, however, now it's £299 at Currys (and other retailers), we think the Sony is a no-brainer.


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