Sonos promises to fix audio dropout issue introduced with its latest software update

Home cinema soundbar: Sonos Beam Gen 2
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Sonos has responded to calls from its users to fix a bug introduced with its latest software update. The bug is reportedly causing audio dropouts when listening to Sonos speakers in a multichannel surround set-up.

The latest firmware for the Sonos operating system, version 14.6, was released on April 19th and included bug fixes as well as adjustable volume control for the Beam Gen 2's virtual height channels. However, since then, the company has been inundated with reports on its own forum and on Reddit of erratic audio for those with a Sonos Beam Gen 2 or Sonos Arc surround set-up.

The issue appears to occur when users try to change input sources or swap to a different audio codec, resulting in a loss of audio in their surround or sub speakers. It has been suggested that power cycling the afflicted Sonos speakers rectifies the issue, but only temporarily, while some of those affected say that after regaining signal, their surrounds or sub are out of phase with the main soundbar.

Initially, Sonos dismissed suggestions that the software update had introduced a fault, with one representative replying to a thread on the Sonos forum saying: "To be honest if such a bug were introduced, we’d be hearing much more about it."

A few days later, the company conceded that there does appear to be a bug, replying: "Just to let you all know, we have now identified an issue whereby some Sonos Home Theatre satellites will experience audio interruptions after the latest 14.6 update.

"We are investigating the situation and hope to resolve it soon. At present, we have no further information to share."

Users who think they might be experiencing the same issue are encouraged to contact Sonos and submit a diagnostics report to help them with their investigations. This can be done by heading to the settings tab of the S2 app.


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  • Sthompson
    If you’ve spent any time working with Sonos customer service you’ll know a promise to do something means very little. While once a champion of the Sonos brand it’s become clear they need a real competitor in the space to remind them that customers matter.
  • Harry Worth
    Wish Sonos would fix the app connectivity issue - see the Trustpilot reviews for more information.
    It completely ruins what could be a good product!