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Sonoro Audio cuboGo radio comes in many colours

First seen at the CU Exposed showcase in March, German company Sonoro has now officially launched the cuboGo portable FM radio in the UK for £129.

Made from 'drip-proof' ABS, and with a built-in Nickel-metal Hybride (NiMH) rechargeable battery good for up to 20 hours playback, the cuboGo is designed for use in kitchens, bathrooms, children's play areas and outdoors.

It's available with interchangeable covers in numerous colours including black, white, red, green, purple, orange, blue and taupe. Each additional cover costs £16.

A retractable telescopic antenna and volume control is embedded in the speaker grille while the tuning control is hidden in the base of the unit. A 3.5mm jack allows any iDevice, MP3 player or mobile phone to be connected.

Sonoro will introduce DAB+ and Bluetooth versions of the cuboGo in June.

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