Simple Audio releases Roomplayer+ software update

Owners of Simple Audio's Roomplayer+ multiroom music system can now download v3.2 software to bring further enhancements to their multiroom music system.

The update makes it faster and easier to add music from a NAS drive, says Simple Audio, and offers updates to queues, as well as further enhancements to music services, music playback, playlists, the iPad interface and more. Key upgrades include:

• Adding music from a network attaches storage device (NAS drive) is now possible using NAS share names - and it’s faster

• You can now manually rescan a NAS library from the desktop app

• A major rework to queues makes adding to, reordering and using queues easier and more intuitive

* General improvements to playback as a result of fixing some intermittent issues with problem file types

• Improvements to music service integrations with even more consistency between the desktop and the iPad experience

The Simple Audio range includes the Roomplayer+ amp with built-in 50W Class D amplifier, and the non-amp version which connects to your exisiting hi-fi system. We'll be testing the new Roomplayer+ soon.

For more details on Simple Audio Software Downloads go to:

Andy Clough

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