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Simple Audio, the company behind the high-definition Roomplayer multiroom music system, has stopped trading after its owner Corsair pulled out of the audio business.

In a statement to its customers, Corsair says: "We very much regret to advise you that due to circumstances beyond our control, the Simple Audio operation ceased trading at the end of December 2014 and there will be no further development of hardware or software. We will continue to offer technical and installation support for existing Roomplayer customers."

The team behind Simple Audio, several of whom previously worked for Linn, has moved over to work for Bose in Scotland.

Simple Audio was bought by US company Corsair, a US gaming and PC hardware manufacturer, in February 2013. Andy Paul, president and CEO of Corsair, said at the time: "We have followed Simple Audio as a potential investment opportunity since 2010 and we are extremely impressed by their vision of HD digital music in the post-iPod era."

Since then the company had released an updated version of its multiroom audio system, which used Powerline/ethernet transmission technology rather than wi-fi for more robust transmission of up to 24-bit/192kHz audio, and expanded its product range with the introduction of the Listen and Go Bluetooth speakers.

More recently, it had added Tidal lossless music streaming to its Roomplayer range.

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MadSquirrel's picture

Yet again...

IT company buys digital audio company, makes a hash of things, pulls the plug and discontinues, killing a promising product.

This happened before when Logitech bought out Slim Devices, although at least in that case the Squeezebox range kept being produced for some time.

How many more times does this need to happen?

John R Leddy's picture

Good riddance...

I wanted to support this company when I wished to replace my Linn CD player with a network audio player. I don't know if it was because Simple Audio was a fairly new company at the time and the sales rep was simply showing off, but all I received was smart remarks in response to pretty straightforward questions; I bought a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 instead.

soulsonic34's picture

Envisage more audio firms crashing in 2015

I suspect this be the first of many audio firms sadly departing from the market. Truth be told, since the advent of digital music and the on-ward march of smartphones, the need to have dedicated hi-fi systems is dwindling. Wireless streaming devices are so readily available having reached a saturation point with each device being virtually identical to the other in terms of functionality with the only differentiator being the brand/price. Besides how many people are going to want multi-speakers in each of their rooms? Hi-res audio is touted is being the next saviour of the audio industry. I think not. The masses myself included are not willing to spend £15 plus for an album which can bought at less than half price to play on their smartphone on their commute to the office, in the gym and everything in between.