SHOW NEWS: Naim rolls out the italics

Naim's using the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Show to roll out new, improved versions of its Series 5 CD player and integrated amplifier, with improvements including ceramic heatsinking, redesigned internal connections and better filtering.

The £850 CD5i and £725 Nait 5i (above) are distinguished by the italic 'i' in the model numbers, and in addition the integrated amp has an auto-switching input on the front panel for an iPod or MP3 player. The two are being demonstrated at the show with Naim's n-SATS speakers.

The new amp uses ceramic heatsinks for better heat dispersion and lower capacative coupling of transistor to chassis, restructured ribbon connectors, reduced overall feedback for better stability in difficult loads, and better RF filteriing on the passive preamp.

Otherwise the design of the preamp remains unchanged, while the CD player (below) has gained a better DAC, the Wolfson WM8706 having been chosen after extensive listening, and improved output filtering. The star grounding has been optimised, tantalum capacitors have replaced electrolytics in key areas, and the regulated power supply for the DAC is now taken from the digital supply.

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