Sharp launches two ranges of full array LED TVs

Sharp LE700 TV

The 'entry-level' LE600 range is partnered alongside the 'premium' LE700 models. Both feature 32, 40 and 46 inch TVs, and the LE700 series throws in a 52in for good measure.

The difference between the two ranges is aesthetic and internal, with the premium range having a glass stand as well as boasting 100Hz panels and an extra HDMI input.

You'll pay a £200 premium for the LE700 series, with prices as follows: 32in at £750/£950, 40in at £1100/£1300, 46in at £1400/£1600, and the 52in at £1900.

The sets feature full screen LED backlighting - not just around the edges, as in the Samsung models for example - and measure around 9cm deep.

All Full HD resolution Sharp LCD TVs will now come with LED backlighting, with only HD-Ready Sharp sets using 'old style' LCD.

As well as promising better pictures - and initial impressions were impressive - the LED sets claim to use 40% less energy than existing Sharp sets.

Look out for the Sharp LE600 and LE700 LED models on sale by the end of August.