September 08 cover
The September 2008 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision is now on sale, packed with TV, hi-fi and home cinema news and reviews

The September 2008 issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision goes on sale today, packed with all the latest TV, hi-fi and home cinema news and reviews.

Our cover Supertest is a battle of 50-52in flatscreen TVs, including a new Freesat-equipped model from Panasonic, the TH50PZ81B, and rivals from Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Pioneer and LG.

If you want a giant cinema image at home, then we've a Group Test of projectors from JVC, Marantz and SIM2. And if you're looking to add surround sound to your system, Denon's £450 AVR-1909 multichannel receiver takes on Onkyo's Award-winning TX-SR606 and Yamaha's new DSP-AX563.

Of course, let's not forget good old stereo. If you're looking to add a pair of active speakers to your PC or laptop, we've a choice of three models from Acoustic Energy, Dynaudio and Tannoy to boost your digital music files.

And our Temptation section includes a test of the mighty Plinius Tautoro/SA-REF pre/power amplifier, plus Gamut's diminutive L3s speakers.

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We've 13 pages of First Tests for you to feast your eyes on, including an exclusive review of Cyrus's extraordinary new CD6 SE CD player, Panasonic's best-yet Blu-ray player, the £500 DMP-BD50, a new 37in Ambilight LCD TV from Philips and Yamaha's flagship DSP-Z11 £5000 multichannel amplifier.

All this and more is in the new issue, available now. Check it out here.