Samsung preparing for OLED TV comeback?

Samsung has resisted so far, but it looks like the consumer electronics giant could be paving the way for a comeback range of OLED TVs. According to an article in the Korean tech publication etnews, Samsung is creating a department that will oversee research and development for all its next-gen TVs. And it appears one of the technologies on the drawing board is a hybrid Quantum Dot tech and OLED.

'QD-OLED', as it's referred to in the report, will use blue OLEDs as a backlight source and see both red and green Quantum Dots printed over the top of the blue OLED layer. The result should be thinner TVs, closer to the dimensions of the OLED TVs currently being produced by the likes of LG, Panasonic and Sony.

Don't expect to put a QD-OLED TV on your 2018 Christmas list, though. The report also states that it could be 2021 or 2022 before we see any sets actually make it to market.

We've asked Samsung for comment and we'll be sure to report back if we get a reply.

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