Samsung Galaxy Buds Live price slashed by £99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live price slashed by £99 at Amazon
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Samsung's true wireless earbuds have dropped to a low, low price. The Galaxy Buds Live are currently £99 off at Amazon, bringing them down to a very affordable £79.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live deal

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live£179 £79.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">£179 £79.99 at Amazon
Samsung's jelly bean-shaped buds are some of the most unusual-looking we've ever seen. Specs are thorough, with active noise cancelling, 21 hours of life (six from the buds, 15 from the carry case) and Bluetooth 5.0.

With their jelly (or maybe kidney?) bean shape, the Galaxy Buds Live certainly stand apart from the legions of AirPods imitators. They also come in a range of pale shades, so no one's going to mistake them for an Apple pair.

They feel the part as well as look it, with a nice glossy coating that's smooth to the touch. And they're lightweight, nestling in your ears with the bottom-arranged speaker firing into the opening of your canal.

They don't burrow into your ears, but the noise cancelling does a decent job of blocking out external noise. They come with a companion app, too – this shows the individual battery life of each earbud plus the life left in the case, lets you switch noise-cancelling on or off, use the ‘find my earbuds’ feature, and tweak the functionality of the touch controls. It also has an equaliser with six different preset sound modes.

Sonically, they offer a seriously impressive amount of bass, with a good sense of spaciousness that some rivals' designs don't allow for. Those hefty lows don’t overpower the sound, and they contribute to nicely balanced and controlled music delivery . That richness mixed with crisp highs helps contribute to a full-bodied and pleasant-sounding sonic package. 

Theirs is an easy-going listen, which means they don’t offend over-long listening sessions and do a good job of taking the harsh edges off rougher recordings. The downside? They're not particularly exciting or interesting to listen to. They also struggle to get into the groove of a track, and don’t communicate shifts in dynamics as clearly as the best wireless earbuds. 

Not a five-star product, then, but still very tempting, especially at this price.


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