Russ Andrews Clarity Pro uses coherence technology

Russ Andrews Clarity Pro

The Clarity Pro is, says Russ Andrews, a new mains enhancement product that works to improve significantly the performance of hi-fi and home cinema systems.

"It's not a mains conditioner in the usual understanding of the word," says Russ Andrews, "rather the Clarity Pro works to improve the ground plane within electronic circuits.

"Increasing the coherence of the ground plane neutralises the noise caused by discrepancies of time and amplitude in the ground. The result of which is an audible improvement in the performance quality of the audio signals."

The Clarity Pro costs £425, measures just 10.5 x 4 x 14cm and runs off a 12V DC power supply. It should be positioned as close as possible to your hi-fi or AV system, ideally on top of the CD or DVD player, or next to the amplifier.

A smaller, standalone unit, the £90 Clarity Mains, is also available: it plugs in to a wall socket near the hi-fi system and is designed to give some of the benefits of the Clarity Pro at a lower cost.