Roberts simplifies 'listen later' radio with RecordЯ

This is the new £100 RecordЯ from Roberts Radio, a 10-preset DAB/FM portable radio with a simplified one-touch recording system for 'listening on demand'.

With an SD or SDHC memory card inserted into the side, and a 'push and hold' of its PausePlus button, the RecordЯ can record up to 24 hours of radio, or with a singlepush will live pause up to an hour so you can resume listening if interrupted.

You can also rewind live radio by up to 60 minutes.

It's also possible to set a timer to record up to four different programmes – for example while you're away.

Alarms are available for daily, weekday, weekend or specific date operation, and can wake the user to either radio band, an SD car recording or a buzzer.

Finally, there's a sleep timer allowing the radio to be set to turn of after a preset period of up to two hours, and a nap timer, which will turn the radio on to wake you up after the same period.

The RecordЯ operates on batteries or mains, and has a headphone socket and a line-in to play an external device through its amplifier and speaker.

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