RNID launches free iPhone app to check your hearing

RNID app

Available for free download from the iTunes Music Store, the Hearing Check application measures a person's ability to hear someone speaking when there's a certain level of background noise.

This scientifically verified check will then let you know whether your ears are in the 'normal range' of hearing levels or whether you need to hotfoot it to your local GP.

You'll need to be in a relatively quiet area and have your headphones connected in order to run the test, you'll then be tasked with picking out a series of numbers over a noisy background.

You can then choose to send your results, along with your age and sex, to the RNID in order to help build a profile of people's hearing levels.

RNID's chief executive, Jackie Ballard, said: “This is a fantastic new way to encourage people to value their hearing and check it regularly. The Hearing Check application offers quick results and confidential advice from anywhere with a decent phone signal!”

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