Rise and shine: LG patents extendable OLED TV

Rise and shine: LG patents extendable OLED TV
(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Always one to push the boundaries of TV design, LG Display has had a patent granted for the possible creation of a retractable or 'extendable' OLED TV.

The design involves a horizontal slot that offers a view onto a part of the screen when the display is retracted. That could show off something nice-looking or even useful, such as a clock or the weather. However we juggle it, though, it feels impossible to think of this idea as anything but a TV for a bed, and we'd be very happy with that.

The clock could be one's alarm. In fact, the whole thing could free up the bedside table by taking on radio functionality as well, or even offer sleep, heart rate or other health data. The ideas are endless – so long as they pertain to having a giant smartphone at one's feet while in bed.

LG has plenty of form when it comes to searching for new and innovative ways of blending TV screens into our lives. This is another interesting idea that could make TVs more harmonious with our feng shui than the current large black rectangle in the corner of the room approach, and we applaud the company for it.

LG unveiled a similar looking prototype rollable TV back in 2019 and even went on to manufacture it in 2020 with the 65in LG Signature R smart TV available for £66,000 ($87,000 / AU$122,000).

The difference is that the Signature R retracts into a rectangular box on stand. This extendable version feels like it's more aimed as something to double as another piece of furniture altogether, and it's certainly not from the same product meeting as the more restaurant focused LG transparent OLED TV.

LG extendable OLED TV

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

As ever, there are no specs or release dates to go on. After all, right now, this is just someone's bright idea dug up by the irrepressible LetsGoDigital. But what do you think? Is the LG extendable OLED the bedroom solution you've been waiting for, or are there other uses we've missed?


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