RHA announces T20 in-ear headphones

The RHA T20 headphones will follow in the footsteps of five- and four-star products from the Scottish headphone specialist, such as the £30 MA-350 in-ears and the £90 MA750i buds.

RHA says the new DualCoil driver technology in the T20 in-ears is able to “produce levels of resolution, clarity and detail beyond the conventional driver”.

The driver comprises two independently-powered voice coils, which are placed in a concentric formation - sharing the same centre point - around a magnet. RHA says the result is “an ultra-efficient performance driver capable of delivering refined, high resolution audio”.

Drivers are housed within stainless steel casing, which claims to be durable, comfortable and have sonic benefits.

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A custom tuning filter and balanced reference filter allow users to tweak sound settings to their personal preference.

The 1.35m cable is a multicore, oxygen-free copper one, and there are mouldable over-ear hooks on the ear pieces.

Supplied accessories include a carry case and ten pairs of silicone and memory foam ear tips in various shapes and sizes.

The RHA T20 will be on show in Munich from 14th-17th May. They'll be available to buy from summer 2015 for £180.

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