Radioplayer Car will swap between DAB, FM, and streaming radio depending on which signal is strongest - but Amazon Alexa will give it tough competition.

With voice control being the hot new thing, radio heads will be happy to hear that the first 'smart radio' system has just launched. The system will automatically switch between DAB, FM or streaming radio, depending on which is the strongest signal at the time.

Developed by Radioplayer, which is a collaboration between the BBC and commercial radio stations, 'Radioplayer Car' is a box that is fitted behind your dashboard, and connects into the auxiliary input of your existing car radio.

Using the free app, you can then connect your iOS or Android smartphone to the box, allowing you to control the system with your voice.

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Saying 'Radioplayer' wakes the system up, after which you can say a series of simple commands to change radio station, skip between favourite stations, or get traffic updates.
It also lets you send music via Bluetooth to the system, so you can play your own music files if you're not in the mood for radio.
It costs a pretty penny though - getting Radioplayer Car installed will set you back £245.
While this may be the first exclusively radio-based voice operating system, it does have some stiff competition. Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, which is the main feature of its Echo and Echo Dot speakers, is also making its way into cars in the UK through products like the Logitech ZeroTouch.
Alexa can't choose between radio signals though, which gives Radioplayer Car the edge - but really, can a radio be cutting edge if it can't even read your emotions?