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Qobuz is donating 100% of new streaming subscription revenue to rights-holders

(Image credit: Qobuz)

Lockdown may be tedious and claustrophobic to some, but it can be financially crippling to self-employed freelancing musicians. To help, French hi-res streaming service Qobuz is doing a noble thing for the artists whose music populates its service.

For all new subscribers until the 15th May, Qobuz has said 100 per cent of revenues generated by the first month of subscription will be redistributed to rights-holders. 

The company has even made a video explaining exactly what it's doing, which you can view below. 

It's a unique opportunity to support the artists you love while opening up access to over 50 million tracks in CD-quality (FLAC 16-Bit) and hi-res audio (FLAC 24-Bit).

If you need information on how to do your bit during coronavirus, our 8 ways to support your favourite bands and artists during lockdown feature should help, but Qobuz's move is to be applauded. 

Right now, we should be staying at home – and when you know that 100 per cent of the revenue is going straight to the artists, we can't think of a better time to discover, stream and download more music. 

Head over to the Qobuz website to find out more.


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