PS Audio Stellar M1200 mono power amp marries valve input with Class D output

PS Audio Stellar M1200 mono power amp marries valve input with Class D output
(Image credit: PS Audio)

PS Audio’s new Stellar M1200 began as a “dream project of PS engineer Darren Myers”, who wanted to see what would happen if he combined one of the world’s highest power amplifier stages with a rich and warm vacuum tube input stage.

The result? A monoblock power amplifier that marries a Class A vacuum tube (12AU7) input stage with a Class D output stage capable of delivering 600 watts (into 8ohms) or 1200 watts (into 4 ohms). 

The Colorado-based high-end audio company insists such a high power output isn’t only to cater for the handful of power-hungry speakers that demand them but to provide adequate headroom and increased linearity for any input signal of any size. With the Stellar M1200, PS Audio believes it has created an “extraordinarily musical and dynamic” amplifier.

Each 12kg block features RCA and balanced XLR inputs, a 3.5mm trigger input, and solid copper-plated output binding posts.

Available in black or silver finishes, the PS Audio Stellar M1200 will begin shipping in May or June with a suggested retail price of £6000 per pair.


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