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To mark the company's 25th anniversary, Pro-Ject has launched a new turntable called The Classic...

Priced at £799, The Classic takes inspiration from some of the top turntables from the 1950s, 60s and 70s and includes a number of parts specifically made for this model, from new adjustable feet to a brand new tonearm.

Pro-Ject claims the turntable's two-plinth design helps isolate the sub-chassis and reduce interference between different parts of the deck. The design effectively decouples the motor from the turntable's main bearing and tonearm.

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Other design features targeted at improving sound quality include the use of a dual-platter - the main platter is machined using a special aluminium alloy and lined with special damping material.

There's also a new purpose-built tonearm and bearing assembly for ultra-low friction. As standard, the turntable comes fitted with an Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge but various counterweights will be made available, supporting cartridges weighing up to 25g.

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The Classic goes on sale in June and will be available in three finishes: Eucalyptus, Rosenut and Walnut (pictured). Pro-Ject has also announced it plans to sell the new tonearm separately.

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manicm's picture

Looks like a Linn LP12 clone.

Looks like a Linn LP12 clone.

AlbaBrown's picture

A clone of a clone

It's a little rich if Linn (or any of their fans) moan at LP12 clones when the LP12 itself was a clone itself, and with Ivor then patenting aspects of the design it made selling the original deck impossible.

CanadianDave's picture

Or an Ariston RD11!!

If you're too young to remember the RD11, then give this one from Pro-ject a tryout. I'm very curious to see and hear what Pro-ject has done with the Classic. Which raises the question, do the new turntables from this generation sound better than the ones from the 70's and 80"s?. Maybe What Hi Fi should test the new Classic against an RD11, a Systemdek or a classic Thorens and see what the comparison is like. Everything old is new again (8 track tapes anyone???)

Peter_m's picture

Looks like a....

Who cares, it looks bloody nice that's what!

Benedict_Arnold's picture

Add a strobe and a decent ( removable) lid please

And I will order one.

Wonder if the central plinth is spring mounted or something like the old Garrard (yes you have to be a bit crusty) decks of old?

whatifwindows's picture

This looks pretty impressive

This looks pretty impressive turntable!

AudioLlama's picture

If you want to see a closer look...

This might be a little spammy but I've made a video previewing this turntable if you want a closer look!