Earlier this summer, Pioneer announced that three of its latest AV receivers – the high-end SC-LX models – would be able to support Dolby Atmos technology, bringing cinema-quality audio to your living room.

Now the company has confirmed that a free downloadable firmware update will be released at the end of the month, bringing Dolby Atmos sound to the SC-LX88, SC-LX78 and SC-LX58 (pictured) 9.2 channel AV receivers.

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With Dolby Atmos, owners of the SC-LX range will be able to experience multi-dimensional sound in the home when connected to an appropriate speaker configuration. All SC-LX models feature Class D digital ampflication technology, HDMI 2.0 ports with 4K/60p support and ESS SABRE Ultra DACs.

Pioneer's acoustic calibration system, MCACC Pro is also onboard, as is support for Spotify Connect and multi-room setup and playback configurations. The SC-LX88 has the added benefit of a USB DAC as well.

If you're the owner of an SC-LX AV receiver, you'll be able to download the Pioneer Dolby Atmos firmware update free of charge from Pioneer's website at the end of the month.

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Hi anyone know if it will be available

on the SCLX 57

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Atmos update

As far as we know the update is just for the three new models.

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atmos update

Is pioneer releasing update for all sc-lx models? Or just the new 3 of them?