Pioneer to launch new range of high-resolution loudspeakers

The next generation of Pioneer loudspeakers are set to come with high-resolution audio support after the Japanese firm secured a licensing agreement with Dirac Research.

Under the terms of the deal, the Swedish audio company's HD Sound technology is to be used in the latest Pioneer speakers – starting with the Pioneer Desk Live portfolio.

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Due to launch in mid-July in Japan, the Desk Live series is a range of powered speakers with a "sleek, modern form factor" designed for use with desktop computer applications.

Pioneer says its new range is also targeted at audiophiles who are looking for "high performance" from smaller loudspeakers, and it's thought they will eventually be released in other markets in the future.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the purpose of its new loudspeakers is to "deliver high-resolution and precise staging from a near field design".

An "advanced digital audio processing technology", Dirac HD Sound uses impulse-response and frequency-response optimisation to boost the performance of speakers.

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Dirac executive vice president of licensing Steve Hase said: "We are excited for an opportunity to bring Dirac HD Sound technology to Pioneer's high-performance loudspeakers."

Pioneer's Hideki Nara added: "By using Dirac's cutting-edge solutions, we have been able to realise this vision and design loudspeakers with higher performance and increased flexibility."

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by Pete Hayman

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