Pioneer launches Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker package

The S-B S73 A-L R bookshelf speaker (£599 per pair), S-FS73A floorstander (£599) and S-C73 A centre channel (£349) make up the package, which is due to go on sale in January 2015.

In addition, Pioneer says the already-available S-71W subwoofer (£499) can also be added for "LFE duties" with the package "designed specifically for Dolby Atmos playback in the home".

Pioneer chief engineer Andrew Jones is behind the design of this new speaker package, which incorporates upward-firing drive units on top of the cabinet alongside a more traditional front-firing design.

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It means that you'll be able to experience Dolby Atmos at home without the need for in-ceiling or overhead, mounted speakers - instead using the "same footprint as a conventional 5.1 set-up".

The Pioneer-built CST driver features a single-point source concept, with mid-range and tweeter speakers configured coaxially in order to "unify their directional characteristics".

A 10cm aluminium midrange driver and 2.5cm soft-dome tweeter are used in the package, in addition to a 13cm woofer that uses an aluminium cone and an inverted aluminium dust cap.

Pioneer UK product manager Geoff Loveday said: "Now, by adding just four more speaker cables, [customers] can experience Dolby Atmos without the need to accommodate speakers overhead."

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