Piega expands Coax Gen2 speaker range with four new models featuring upgraded ribbon drivers

PIEGA Coax Gen2 loudspeaker range
(Image credit: PIEGA)

Swiss manufacturer Piega has unveiled the latest version of its Coax loudspeakers, with four new models joining enhanced versions of the existing Coax 711, 511 and 311. The range now includes an additional two floorstanders (the 811 and 611), one standmount (the 411) and a centre channel model (the 211). 

The revamped series retains the company's signature curved metal design, but its cabinets now boast larger extruded aluminium sections for greater cabinet volume while a new Tension Improve Module (TIM2) has been developed to increase rigidity and reduce vibrations. 

Piega specialises in ribbon drivers, so it's no surprise to see that all the new speakers in Coax Gen2 feature either its new C112+ or C212+ coaxial ribbons, which the company claims will produce more detailed high and midrange frequencies, covering a wider range of the spectrum than in its previous models. 

The upgraded coaxial ribbon drivers include a new solid aluminium front panel with extra cross-bracing and a centre bridge, allowing space for an additional neodymium magnet to sit above the tweeter to improve efficiency further. Piega says that its newly developed, coated driver foil achieves a more linear frequency response than in previous iterations, extending to 450Hz for better integration with low-frequency drivers. 

Furthermore, the inner workings of the coaxial drivers now include magnetic rods that are mechanically decoupled to prevent minute changes in the magnetic field that micro-resonances can cause.

Available from September, all the models in the new Coax Gen2 range have a three-way circuit design and 4 ohm nominal impedance. The Coax 811 is the range's flagship floorstander with four 22cm UHQD woofers, two of which are actively driven while two oscillate as passive diaphragms, in addition to the new C212+ coax driver. The 811 is available in brushed aluminium, priced at £26,900 (around $32,755, AU$46,989) or in black anodised or white lacquer costing £27,500 (around $33,486, AU$48,037).

Next, the 611 is fitted with five 16cm UHQD woofers (two active and three passive) paired with the new C112+ coaxial ribbon and priced at £14,900 (around $18,143, AU$26,027) or £15,500 (around $18,874, AU$27,075) for black and white finishes.

The standmount Coax 411 incorporates a 16cm UHQD woofer and a C112+ coaxial ribbon costing £7900 (around $9620, AU$13,799) in an aluminium finish or £8500 (around $10,350, AU$14,848) for black and white. And finally, the Coax Center 211 combines  C112+ coaxial ribbon with two UHQD and costs £4900 (around $5966, AU$8559) as standard or £5200 (around $6332, AU$9083) for black and white.

Plinths and spikes for the floorstanders and bookshelf models are sold separately, with the former starting at £900 (around $1095, AU$1572), while eight floor spikes will set you back £240 (around $292, AU$419).


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