Goodbye 3D. Hello OLED.

Philips couldn’t care less about 3D and is planning to beat LG at its own OLED game - that's the surprisingly forthright verdict from the launch of the company's 2016 TV line-up

The new range comprises HD and 4K TVs with LED panels, but Philips also has big plans for OLED. So says Danny Tack, Philips’ director of product strategy and planning, and all-round picture quality guru.

“We all know what OLED is good at. The right blacks, the right brights. It doesn’t have a problem with halos. OLED is also good in motion. The sharpness is better. The motion is better," said Tack.

The strengths of OLED are well documented, but so are the associated costs. It was only recently that buying OLED became a viable option, and Philips intends to take advantage of this.

“OLED’s price is coming down," said Tack. "When you look a year back it was three times the price of an expensive, premium LED TV. Sooner or later, OLED will grab the top of the market, and HDR is one of the drivers. If we do not adapt now, we will have to do it in a year or two when others have jumped on that wagon.”

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Philips vs LG

What about LG? It dominates the OLED sector, and Philips will need to do a lot to beat LG at its own game. The first move is to use LG’s own tech, but improve it.

Tack continued: “It’s no secret that the panels we’re using are from LG. There are hardly any other suppliers. Ours will be the same price as LG’s – it would be stupid to go lower in price – but we will be putting our own picture processing on top of LG panels. The price will be roughly the same, but we will give people a better experience.”

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Flat > curved

As for curved versus flat screens, it’s an easy question for Tack.

“We are considering only flat ones. As a brand, we are not a fan of curves; there are so many deformations in the picture. Flat is the right display format to give you the best picture quality. We were considering having one or two curved propositions in the range, but the market is declining and there is no reason to continue.”

Philips is currently focusing on a 55in model for the European market. Availability? Tack wouldn’t say anything besides “come to IFA”. September 2016 it is, then.

3D is dead

Elsewhere, it’s bad news if you’re a fan of 3D TV, because none of the 2016 range will have it. Philips has officially given up on the technology.

“3D is dead,” says Tack. “There are no 3D sources and nobody really wants 3D. It also complicates your TV a lot. The consumer need is simply not there. Even LG has announced it’s not doing 3D anymore. Can you imagine? LG who invested so much in their patterned retarder. We are depending on them for panels. There is no good reason to keep on pushing 3D to those guys – we follow them.”

Yet another nail in the 3D coffin, then...

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Jesse Skeen's picture

"There are no 3D sources"?

"There are no 3D sources"? Tell that to my more than 150 3D Blu-Rays! I'll keep buying them just to show my support! "It also complicates your TV a lot"? Sounds like this guy doesn't even know what he's talking about!

Ante Juranović's picture

Insane Philips decision

To kill 3d tv's is most retarded decision after decision to building a Berlin wall. Bravo to Philips. I'm buyin Sony 4k HDR TV !!!!

Barwill's picture

3D is poor and just

3D is poor and just distracting. I'm glad this dead horse will finally stop being flogged!

mperuc's picture

Then its goodbye Philips..

Then its goodbye Philips..

mperuc's picture

I want a RGB 4k oled 3d tv!!

I want a RGB 4k oled 3d tv!!

Gilboa's picture


I don't have a 3D TV. But from my experience with it in the cinema, its just not worth it. It doesn't add to the enjoyment of a movie at all, it just distracts and makes everything too dark. As for the 3D effect itself, in every movie I've with it with the exception of Scorsese's 'Hugo' who's 3D actually was rather good somehow. It justs adds a bit of layering from the plane of the screen backwards...totally pointless. They should limit 3D filming to IMAX cinema's, there the effect can be incredible...almost holographic! But I'd imagine that 3D in the home is more reminiscent of regular cinema than IMAX.

Chrisrosevilla's picture

That simplifies it a bit

Love OLED, looking forward to HDR, love 3D, bye bye Philips!

Jota180's picture

At last, someone tells it straight about 3D

3D should have been booted into the film making dustbin years ago. 

Simon Vincent's picture

Bye bye Philips

Even if I never bought another 3D blu-ray, I have around 50 in my collection which I expect to be able to watch in the future.  So I will NEVER buy a new TV which doesn't have 3D capability.  It makes no business sense to leave this off new TVs.

Alantiggger's picture


Do people still buy Philips TV's then ?

I love 3D and cannot ever get my head around the fact that some folks do not, this always amazes me when I hear or read that.

I would imagine that all 2016 big budget blockbuster movies to be shown in cinema's across the world will also be shown in 3D format as well as 2D ?

little john's picture

End of 3D TV - The industry shoots itself in the foot yet again

Obviously the TV/Home Cinema industry has learnt nothing from the damage of Beta tape recorders or HD DVD players had on the publics lack of faith in the industry.

Only four years ago I bought a 55in LG LED 3D TV, which I am very happy with. However after buying two 3D Blu-ray players and about 25 - 30 3D movies (plus Sky 3D movies), which LG and the rest of the industry sold me as the next big thing, I am now told that the next big thing, a 4K OLED/LED HDR tv will not support my 3D collection which they encouraged me to buy.

Is it any wonder the poor inocent public may now be very sceptical on whether the industry are over selling 4K, OLED or HDR as they did with curved screens.

I will now stick with my LED 3D tv, as I have no confidence in the industry and there is still a lot more 3D content out there than there is 4K content.

Chrisrosevilla's picture

Poor, tired Philips.

It's a bit tragic really that a once proud company can now only buy in other companies' technology and rebadge it as their own, presumably because they haven't got the ability to develop tech for themselves. 

Then they're led by some joker that thinks it's good business sense to antagonise big spending customers with ill-informed comment like that. 

His remarks do have an air of desperation about them when you look closely. 

Oled, 3d,  hdr TV manufacturers - my money is in the bank waiting patiently for you to get it right. Philips hasn't - sorry. 

ewillson's picture

Rubbish 3D performance from 2015 Philips TV

3 months ago I persuaded my friend to buy the Philips 40PFT6550/12. She wanted a 40" TV that could do active 3D. The set was duly delivered and I set it up. Watching a 3D Blu-ray we were shocked at how bad the cross talk was. It meant any 3D source was unwatchable! Googling the issue revealed we weren't the only ones getting shocking 3D performance from 2015 Philips TVs. Looks like they jumped before they were pushed! [My friend is now the proud owner of a 40" Samsung that gives great 3D performance.] 

lovlid's picture

Bye Bye Why?

Ya gotta love the (suddenly) anti Philips brigade.

Who will you buy from when they all drop 3D.

And don't kid yourselves. They will.