Philips has a new Screeneo short-throw projector

Remember Screeneo, Philips’ short-throw projector? Well, there’s a new one: the Screeneo HDP2510. It is an improved version of the existing Screeneo HDP1590TV, but it's not a replacement. It sits above as a sort of big brother (or sister).

What is a short-throw projector? It's a projector you can shove close to the wall you’re looking at, as opposed to having it right at the back of the room. They're a convenient option for smaller rooms.

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How is this one improved? It’s Full HD (1920x1080 pixels), addressing the biggest complaint against its predecessor, which only went up to 1280x800. Claimed contrast ratio has been bumped to 150,000:1 (from 100,000). It has a throw ratio of 0.21:1.

Maximum screen size has also been bumped up, to a whopping 120in (previously 100in). Minimum screen size stays the same (50in), as does the distance it needs to be from the wall (10-44cm). Philips was also keen to highlight its low noise output. As for connections, you can expect three HDMIs, VGA, digital optical, headphone and USB.

There is no official name yet, besides the model number of HDP2510. Philips is auditioning ‘Screeneo 2’ and ‘Screeneo HD’. Whichever they choose, this projector will be released in March 2016, priced at €1590.

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