Over-ear (yet in-ear) Nuraphones promise tailored listening

Two trends seem to be shaping the future of headphones – true wireless buds and customisable headphones. And it's with the latter that Australian acoustic and hearing science brand Nura has decided to enter the market.

Nura claims that when playing a single tone to two people, their sensitivity to it could be up to 20dB different. So it has developed a pair of headphones that measure your listening and adapt their sound for a personalised listening experience.

Unlike Even’s EarPrint technology, whose similar claims are based on a personal ear test, the Nuraphones feature a proprietary self-learning engine that automatically measures your hearing by monitoring otoacoustic emissions.

The learning process is performed using an Android- and iOS-compatible companion app, which can store up to three listening profiles. The Nuraphones can recognise which profile to activate, depending on who is wearing them.

The Nuraphones combine an in-ear and over-ear design, which the company calls “Inova”. Mids and treble frequencies are delivered through the bud, while the bass is mostly handled by an over-ear driver that Nura says delivers the sound through your skin.

On a more familiar note, the Nuraphones offer 20 hours of wireless aptXHD Bluetooth playback, feature a 3.5mm input and a USB port for playback and charging.

This technological “innovation” doesn’t come cheap, though. The Nuraphones are priced £350, and available now.


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