Our favourite OLED TV of 2023 (so far) is now cheaper than ever ahead of Prime Day

Our favourite OLED TV of 2023 (so far) is now cheaper than ever ahead of Prime Day
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The Sony A80L is one of the best OLED TVs we've tested so far this year, and despite only launching recently, it's already had its price slashed ahead of Prime Day.

The 55-inch model is now to be found for just £1699 at John Lewis, Amazon and Argos. That's a crazy £700 off the RRP!

Best Sony A80L OLED TV deal

Sony XR-55A80L 2023 OLED TV £2399 £1699 at John Lewis (save £700)

Sony XR-55A80L 2023 OLED TV £2399 £1699 at John Lewis (save £700)
Our favourite performance-per-pound TV of 2023 so far, the Sony A80L uses standard OLED technology to amazing effect, delivering a picture that balances the spectacular with the cinematically subtle with absolute aplomb. If it's a brand-new TV you want, this is a great choice.

Deal also available at Amazon and Argos.

What's so good about it? It's the surprise of the year so far. While fancier TV technologies have arrived of late (like QD-OLED and MLA), the A80L shows there's nowt wrong with standard OLED. In fact, it shows just what's possible once manufacturers have had a few years to get the most out of a tech like OLED.

Its visuals effortlessly combine the spectacular with the subtle in a way that is quite extraordinary. Skin tones are nuanced and realistic, there's plenty of dynamism to the action, and the image as a whole is brilliantly solid with plenty of depth. The level of detail is outstanding: you can practically reach out and feel the textures.

The sound is pretty fantastic for a TV too, thanks to its system of actuators that effectively turn the screen into one big speaker. This allows the set to pinpoint audio to various parts of the picture, so gunshots come from the barrel of the weapon, dialogue spills out of characters' mouths, and so on. It's a little bass light, but we would always recommend a soundbar anyway.

It might not be ideal for gaming as the LG C3 (or cheaper C2), due to only having two HDMI 2.1 ports. But for all but the most hardcore of gamers, it's one of the best TVs going, and now at a knockdown price.


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