Orange's amp-and-speakers Pyramid system strives for sound that's fit for the pharaohs

Orange Pyramid system in white
(Image credit: Orange)

British brand Orange, best known for its eye-catching series of guitar amplifiers, continues its expansion into hi-fi and consumer audio with its new Pyramid audio system, a compact design which Orange claims delivers "powerful sound" alongside "exceptional connectivity".

The Orange Pyramid system consists of a pyramid-shaped amplifier with a pair of bookshelf speakers, all delivering 40 watts per channel (into 4 ohms). According to Orange, the unit has been tuned to offer a "warm, clean sound" and avoid the fatiguing effects of brasher, more in-your-face systems.

Its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity gives you access to wireless music streaming from smartphones, tablets and laptops, while RCA and 3.5mm aux inputs let you connect to physical sources such as turntables, CD players and portable music players. If you're seeking an eye-catching soundbar alternative, Orange says the Pyramid system can also be connected to a TV to boost your cinematic sonic experience – although it doesn't sport HDMI or optical connections.

Orange Pyramid back panel

(Image credit: Orange)

It's not all about the amplifier with Orange's rather out-there system. The Pyramid includes a pair of "Voice of the World" bookshelf speakers which have similarly been engineered to offer that same clean, warm sound as pursued by the amplifier. The speakers' 25mm soft silk dome tweeters and mid-range drivers strive for smoothness and balance at the top end, whereas refined reflex ports and specially designed speaker cone excursions aim for further smoothness from the lower-end frequencies.

The Orange Pyramid system has, as you might expect, been designed to evoke the grand structures of Ancient Egypt, hence Orange adorning the unit with its signature hieroglyphs around the base. Sporting an eco-friendly wooden cabinet with a white piano finish, the unit features a top-mounted prism which glows to indicate the current mode of operation. Just like in ancient times... 

The Orange Pyramid system is available now for £795 (further prices pending). 


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