Optoma launches £250 3D projector adapter

Optoma 3D-XL

Designed to fit between 3D sources and any 3D compatible projector, it creates large-screen 3D at a very affordable cost, and comes complete with a pair of Optoma's lightweight ZD201 3D glasses.

The 3D-XL is compatible with Sky 3D, 3D Blu-ray players and 3D games on the PS3, and will work with any of the 14 compatible projectors in the Optoma range, as well as with all DLP Link 3D compatible projectors, including models from Acer and BenQ.

The adapter has two HDMI 1.4a inputs and an HDMI 1.3 output, and delivers 3D at 720p/120Hz. It's compatible with side-by-side 3D at 1080i/50Hz and 60Hz, and both frame-pack and over/under 3D at 1080p24Hz, 720p 50Hz and 720p 60Hz.

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