Optoma launches Pico, the world's smallest projector

Optoma Pico

It's been some three years in the making but finally Optoma has released the product which it hopes will revolutionise the world of projectors.

Aimed at a new lifestyle market, the Pico will sell for just £249 and aim to bring DLP projection technology to the masses.

Weighing just 115g, the Pico is battery-operated, claiming a battery life of up to 2 hours. This is recharged via mains power or a USB connection.

The AV connection is a simple 2.5mm jack socket, capable of dealing with a 576i/480i video signal. To complement the video there's also a 0.5w speaker for sound.

Optoma made no bones about the Pico's need for a darkened room, with its 1000:1 contrast ratio struggling in a bright room.

Due for release on November 1st, the Pico will set you back £249.