Now TV adds Netflix app, launches 4K HDR Smart Box streamer

For years Sky’s Now TV streamers have been decent and affordable go-tos for those after access to Sky content and catch-up TV streaming.

But compared to rival hardware such as the Apple TV 4K and Amazon Fire 4K TV they have been mired by two caveats: no Netflix app and no 4K support.

Well, that’s no longer the case.

Following the recent Netflix integration on Sky Q, the popular streaming service is now directly accessible on every Now TV streaming device. Current owners simply need to head to the App Store on the box and download Netflix app into their My Apps section. 

The Netflix app joins over 50 apps currently available across Now TV devices, including UKTV Play, Sky Store, YouTube the full suite of UK catch-up services (BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and Demand 5).

Now TV has also launched the all-new Smart Box, its most powerful streamer ever and, more importantly, its first streamer to support 4K and HDR.

Its £45.99 price tag makes it the most affordable 4K streaming device on the market, too - four times cheaper than Apple’s £180 4K TV and still a couple of tenners away from the Amazon Fire 4K TV (£70).

The Smart Box gives owners the option to stream 4K (up to 60fps) and HDR content from Netflix and Amazon but, disappointingly, not from Sky, which has several 4K films and TV shows.  

We imagine the new box will mostly benefit owners of legacy 4K TVs, then. After all, the majority of smart 4K TVs from major brands in the past few years have built-in support for 4K content from both services.

Voice search functionality allows users to open apps and find content using their voice, and a new live pause feature is compatible with Now TV’s premium live channels including Sky Sports, FOX, Comedy Central and Sky Atlantic.

And finally, the Smart Box also boasts a ‘Night Mode’ for reducing loud sounds when, say, the kids have gone to bed.


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