No, the Sony PS4 Pro can't play 4K Blu-rays

Sony has announced its latest console, the PS4 Pro, but we still don't have Sony's first 4K Blu-ray player - contrary to rumours, the PS4 Pro can't play 4K Blu-rays.

For many, this will be a surprising move, especially given the weight the company threw behind the original Blu-ray format when it launched back in the early noughties, notably with the PS3, which was one of the first Blu-ray players.

It also puts the PS4 Pro at a disadvantage when you compare it to the recently launched Xbox One S, which does have an Ultra HD-Blu-ray drive.

At today's press event in New York City, Sony focused on the virtues of HDR (High Dynamic Range) and the benefits it can bring to gaming.

But the lack of a 4K player sees Sony lose ground on rival manufacturers, such as Samsung and Panasonic, who have launched stand alone 4K Blu-ray players.

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We're still waiting for the company to officially launch a dedicated Ultra HD Blu-ray player although we did catch sight of a prototype Sony 4K player on the company's stand at IFA.

Will you buy the PS4 Pro? Would you prefer it if it did have an Ultra HD Blu-ray player? Let us know in the comments below.

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