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NEWS: Wrap your iPod in leather

Fancy a portable MP3 system with a difference? This unusual, leather-clad Porto system from Audio Pro might fit the bill.

If the red leather version shown is a bit girly for our male readers, then there's also a more macho black leather version.

It has a built-in dock that will house an iPod Video, iPod Photo, Nano or Mini. For all other MP3 players, two 3.5mm stereo line-level inputs are provided.

The unit is equipped with twin, 38mm aluminium tweeters and an oblong aluminium bass driver, each powered by three class D amplifiers.

There's also a subwoofer line-out for adding an active sub, although we're not sure you'd want to carry one of those around with you as well.

Power comes from the mains or a rechargeable battery, and the unit's EmbracingSound technology is said to develop enough volume and bass weight for those summer barbecues or parties on the beach.

And if you tire of the music on your iPod, there's an FM radio built-in to keep those party tunes flowing.

The Porto will be available next month for £250.

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