NEWS: The world's smallest 1080p projector

If you have the room, the (low) light conditions and the inclination, there is still no better way to reproduce those big-screen thrills in your living room than a good projector. And this 1080p-compatible little beauty is more compact and convenient than most.

The M25 is the latest offering from projectiondesign, and has been declared the world's smallest full HD projector. The diminutive M25 measures just 3.7in high, 9.2in deep and 10.8 in wide. It uses Texas Instruments' 0.95 1080p DMD with BrilliantColour technology, delivering a Full HD 1080p image.

The M25 also boasts a seven-segment, 5x colour wheel, brightness of up to 1,000 Lumens, and an improved HDMI 1.3 input, and is expected to cost around £5000.

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