NEWS: Sony unveils new flagship SXRD home cinema projector

Sony has taken the wraps off its new flagship home cinema projector, the £8500 VPL-VW200. It uses Sony's Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) panel technology to deliver 1080p high-definition resolution.

Other technical highlights include a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, Motionflow Dark Frame Insertion which doubles the frame rate to 100Hz, and digital signal processing using Sony's Bravia Engine Pro technology.

The latter applies algorithms exclusively developed by Sony to the video signal, digitally enhancing each frame in real time. Any noise in the image is removed, claims Sony, and colours become more vibrant.

Sony's SXRD technology was originally developed for cinema projection systems, and the new-generation high frame rate SXRD panels used in the VPL-VW200 can operate at 100 frames-per-second for improved handling of fast motion.

It is also designed to produce an image free from the 'screen door' pixel grid effect that can afflict other projection systems, and has a 2.5ms response time.

A claimed contrast ratio of 35,000:1, a 400W Xenon lamp and the ability to handle 1080p/24fps video make the VPL-VW200 ideal for use with Blu-ray players, says Sony. It will be on sale from early November.

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Andy Clough

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