NEWS: Sony hard-disk systems are designed to store and share your music

This is the Sony NAS-SC55PKE, one of two new 'Giga Juke' systems designed to store an entire music collection via fast ripping from CD, or recording from external sources, then either allow it to be played or copied out to portable devices.

Both systems also include DAB/FM tuners, and come complete with an iPod dock, while this flagship version, likely to sell for around £750, also has wireless streaming built-in, and can be accessed by up to five client units around the house. One client unit is supplied as standard.

The entry-level model is the NAS-E35HD (left), set to sell for around £300, which can store up to 15,000 tracks on its 80GB hard disk using a choice of compression formats, will rip from CD at up to 4x speed, and also offers 10x copying to MP3 players and mobile phones.

It has built-in 2x30w amplification, and comes complete with speakers.

Move up to the NAS-SC55PKE and the ripping speed goes up to 16x, and the storage capacity increases to up to 40,000 tracks, depending on the compression format. The system can also copy out to portable players at up to 50x normal playing speed.

Radio fans will also appreciate the ability to record from the built-in tuners to the hard disk, with Sony's '12-tone analysis' system apparently able to separate speech and music.

The main NAS-S55HDE system has built-in 2x50w S-Master digital amplification and comes complete with speakers, but also comes packaged with an NAS-C5E client unit, or 'wireless player'. This can connect wirelessly with the main system and stream music anywhere in the home - up to five of these units can be used with the main system.

Each can be play something different from the server, or they can access internet radio with a suitable connection to the main unit. There's also a 'party mode', making the entire system play the same music in each zone.

Both the client, which has built-in 2x10w amplification and speakers, and the main system are DLNA certified to work with other wireless components, and Sony's Instant Wireless Audio Setup makes connecting them together a 'plug and play' process.

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