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NEWS: Pick the best driving tunes for this Bank Holiday weekend (part 1)

Chances are many of us will be stuck in traffic jams over the Bank Holiday weekend, so to cheer you up Planet Rock has teamed up with DAB radio specialist Pure to bring you the Top 40 rock driving tunes of all time.

The poll was conducted among 11,000 Planet Rock listeners, but the results are embargoed until the songs are broadcast on the DAB station this Easter Monday from 1pm-6pm.

So without giving too much away, let's just say that the No.1 song has the word 'love' in its title! To get us all in the holiday mood, why not post your favourite driving tunes in reply to this story?

As part of the special Bank Holiday programme, Pure has teamed up with Planet Rock to promote its Pure Highway in-car DAB adaptor that allows users to listen to DAB station on their existing FM car radio.

The £70 Highway is powered from the cigarette lighter socket and is attached to the windscreen with a supplied flexible mount, just like a portable satellite navigation system. You can also connect an iPod or MP3 player to the Highway and listen to it through the car stereo.

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